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Kabalistic Musings on the Parts of the Soul and the 5 fold constitution of man as seen in Liber 777, Table II, Column LXVII.

Kabalistic Musings on the Parts of the Soul and the 5 fold constitution of man as seen in Liber 777, Table II, Column LXVII

Kabalistic Musings on the Parts of the Soul and the 5 fold constitution of man as seen in Liber 777, Table II, Column LXVII.


The Parts of the Soul relate to the 5 fold constitution of man 1.) Jechidah, 2.) Chiah, 3.) Neschemah, 4.) Ruach and 5.) Nephesh. These 5 parts of the soul also relate to the 5 points of the pentagram and the microcosm.


According to the Table: (marked a-e)

a.) Resh, Vau, Cheth = Ruach. 200+6+8=214.

b.) Nun, Shin, Mem, Heh = Neshema. 50+300+40+5=395.

c.) Cheth, Yod, Heh = Chiah. 8+10+5=23.

d.) Nun, Peh, Shin = Nephesh. 50+80+300=430.

e.) Yod, Cheth, Yod, Daleth, Heh = Jechidah. 10+8+10+4+5=37.


According to the correspondences in 777 these relate as such:

a.) 214=A girdle, angel of the 1st Dec. (Aries); whiteness; come down; air; spirit; wind; mind.

b.) 395=Robustus (virilitas); Iacob; the heavens; oil; Manasseh; second; judge.

c.) 23=Parted; removed; separated; joy; a thread; life.

d.) 430=Covered with mist; darkness; twilight; membra; full title of the 9th sephira The righteous is the foundation of the world.; concealed; Tohu V-Bohu (genesis:1)[The chaos and confusion before creation]; dew.

e.) 37=Angel of 8p; God (Ch.); behold! [Liber CCXX: I:7]; perished grow old; to grow great; banner; Tenuity, breath, vanity, in vain; The supernal breathers; night; Atma of Hindu Philosophy; flame.


Each part of the soul has a number category in 777 correspondences being:

a.) Ruach 11. 11 is wind, the maruts, vaju, valkiries, Zeus. (AIR)

b.) Neshema -23. 23 is water, soma, apas, Poseidon. (WATER)

c.) Chiah -31. 31 is fire, Agni, Hades. (FIRE)

d.) Nephesh -32bis. 32bis is earth, prithivi (Parvati), Athena. (EARTH)

e.) Jechidah -31bis. 31bis is breathing, akash(a), Bacchus. (SPIRIT)


Thus each point corresponds to the points of the pentagram as outlined above.


These same numbers are also considered further in 777 as applied to the body and the bodily functions. 11-Breath (Speaking), 23-Chyle-Lymph (Holding), 31 Blood (Moving), 32bis Solid Structures and tissues (Excreting), 31bis-semen, marrow (Generating).


An important point I noticed is that the order of the 5 points of man is as such: The first Jechidah, The second Chiah, The third Neschemah, The fourth Ruach, and The fifth Nephesch (According to their numbering in Book 4). Thus, they go from Spirit, to Fire, to Water, to Air, to Earth. From the most immaterial to the most material. I find it odd, however, that when superimposed upon the points of the pentagram that they do not create any sort of an invoking or banishing when applied in this order. Instead their pattern forms a sort of sigil (At least in appearance it could be used as one).


The sigil (pictured at the bottom of the page) is the Formula of Man followed around the points of the pentagram. Going from Jechidah (spirit point) to Chiah (fire point), to Neschemah (water point), to Ruach (air point) and finally to Nephesch (earth point) on the pentagram. If anyone has any input on the "sigil" of the formula of man please contact me.

Could this sigil be used in a working drawing upon the "innate power" of the tetragrammaton? I think so. What confuses me is why I have never seen it used before, but I don't recall the pattern being used anywhere. Where did the attributions of elements on the points of the pentagram arise from?


2006- Ama Marie