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I am in the country, far from many persons of like mind. I find that sharing views, especially ones which are well thought out, or well-documented to be very enriching! I encourage anyone to contact me if they are interested in "donating" a submission to this site.

I have noticed, on the internet, and in books, there is a lack of relevant and documented material on the occult and religion that is done in a semi-academic (read: responsible) way that is not _incredibly_ boring. On the opposite side of the spectrum there is plenty of fluffy material that has almost zero documentation. I'm aiming for content that is somewhere in the middle.

I am interested in occult, magickal, and mystical ideas, personal thoughts or philosophies, accounts or experiences that you wish to share, observations about life, philosophical analysis, commentary on holy books et al. Anything that you thought, and wrote, I want!

The emphasis is on a written communication of a personal take on things. Idea-> written word-> here!

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About Me:

I am 28 year old Graduate Student at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario Canada pursuing an M.A. in Religious Studies. I am an aspiring author, and an inquisitive seeker. I have been published in the New Golden Dawn Book, edited by Christopher Hyatt.

You can buy it here:

The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic