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Aphorisms of Truth - Featured Writer: Stephan Mulholland


the Book of the Aphorisms of Lucifer

The Book of the Aphorisms of Lucifer


Know ye, gentle reader, that the value of these words lieth in the heart of he who wrote them. Seek first the heart of he who wrote them, and understand their meaning.


People of all ages, and every culture have written of the time before time. The time when the Titans, brothers and sisters of Prometheus and Atlas ruled upon the earth before the flood. This time was known as the "Golden Age" and is remembered in the racial memory of man as a time of prosperity, beauty happiness and closeness to the True and Living God. These titans were known by the race of man by countless other names - the Norseman called them Vanir, the Semites called them Beni Elohim, the Watchers (or fallen angels) and they were known by countless other names.


Since that Day, all of the symbols have all been reversed by servants of the False God and False Gods. Their meanings have been turned upside down, and the world has been turned upside down by those who love mediocrity, crave money and power over others and by those who are cruel and ordinary.


In the beginning the darkness and the light were one. And then, the darkness separated from the light. The Light was Lucifer, and the Darkness, Diana. Diana yearned so much for the light, wanting to take him back into herself.


Lucifer, the Morning Star and the most beautiful of all the stars in heaven was the twin brother of the Goddess Diana who was in love with him. Lucifer had a cat which he loved very much, and who slept on his bed every night. One night, Diana crept into his bedchamber and disguised herself as the cat so that he would make love to her, and conceive a child by her. This child was Aradia, the Goddess of the Moon. And when Diana walked among mankind she liberated mankind by teaching them the Arte of Artes, and when Jupiter told her that it was time for her to return again to the heavens, she told her daughter to continue on among mankind to teach them the Craft of the Wise, that they might be liberated from their blindness and suffering.


Lucifer, also called Eosphorus in Greek, is the Morning Star or Light-Bringer who precedes the dawn. The Planet Venus, who comes just before the Light of Sol.


This book recalls that time that man forgot. This book recalls that which Was, which Is, and which Shall Be Again.


KNOW YE THAT - that which is shown in the store windows shall rot and turn to dust. That which is filled with beauty now shall rust. Those whose stomachs are now full shall be starving, and those who are starving now shall be filled in the Time To Come. Keep watch, and always be ready, for the time is close at hand. That which is held within the earth shall be vomited up from the bowels of Hell, and the Dead shall roam the streets and the earth shall be turned upon it's axis.


The Children of Mediocrity wait at the wrong time for this End of the world as we know it. Through the misery and boredom, the toil of their lives they become cruel and cowardly. Through this cruelty and cowardice they imagine the world outside themselves, and all that they hate being destroyed by war, famine, plagues and pestilence. They fantasize of vast conspiracies of secret societies and new world orders who serve the Dark Lord, Satan, who are plotting against them. They erect this sadistic fantasy as an escape from their dismal lives, and lack the courage to even go out and fight against all that has made them miserable. They simply imagine that God will one day bring this justice down upon the world, in the Second Coming of Christ or the Apocalypse. They have not the strength of mind or heart to foment a revolution within their own hearts.


It is said in Bereshit, the Book of Genesis that these Watchers or Fallen Angels found the daughters of men to be fair, and had children by them. It is said that they took these women for wives and that the children they bore were Giants, Nephilim or the Men of Renown. It is said that Cain, Tubalcain and Enoch were of this bloodline of Great Men. These men and women of noble birth, Kings and Queens of the earth, descended from the Watchers are now among us today. For single is the race of Men and Gods. They are the magi or witchblood, born of Cunning Fire. The living substance of Arte itself lives on in their blood, and shines forth for the world to see in their works. This is all much simpler and obvious than it sounds but do not take this, or anything, for granted. This is the secret of the illuminati.


It is said that once a King walked upon this earth, and his name was Yeshua (or Jesus). And he liberated mankind from the shackles of his pain and ignorance, and taught people to recognize the Genuine Article. And he sacrificed his life, and told us to eat his body and drink his blood. He gave this life of his for his friends who he loved. He told people about the Golden Age, or the time before time. Through this man's love, and this man's anger, know ye that if such a man did indeed walk upon this earth, that he was one of our kind.


The First God has had many prophets or lovers of wisdom, some of which the Cruel Children of Mediocrity have tortured and slain for speaking the Truth. Among the names of the Prophets are Hermes Trismegistus (or Thoth), Enoch, Socrates who they made to drink poison, Orpheus, Empedocles, Pythagoras who was made to starve to death in prison, Plato, Plotinus, Mansur Al-Hallaj who they crucified, Suhrawardi, William Blake, Jacob Boehme, Leonardo DaVinci, Zos, Alogos Dhul-Qarnen and many, many others. These men were or are the illuminati of the times in which they lived.


Satan is but a slave of the False God who caused Job to suffer at the hands of his owner. Those who, in their pretensious rebellion, through their inverse mediocrity have chosen Satan as either an object of worship, or their symbol of a false individualism and indulgence have deliberately chosen also to become slaves of the False God, who is Satan's minimum-wage employer. Satan is a but a middle manager for the same employer, wearing a seductive disguise to trick the gullible into obedience to the same rulership. Satan is not the Devil, the Devil is not Lucifer, and Lucifer is not Satan. The Devil and Lucifer are friends of the First God of the Golden Age. Hell or Hades is not a place of torment for the wicked, but as the Book of Enoch says it is a place within the earth inhabited by the Dead and even the Saints. In order to liberate, we must perform a surgery with surgical precision, to disentangle all of these symbols from one another, and set them upright once more. All the symbols have been reversed by the followers of the False God, and in order to reach the truth we must now turn them aright.


Prometheus whose name means "forethought" sacrificed himself by disobedience to the False God to bring mankind Fire. He had forseen what would happen to him, and because of his love for mankind, he accepted his fate. Many have sacrificed their lives for the truth and for liberation, their eyes burned by the sun, their bodies crucified by the children of Cruelty and Mediocrity who are too frightened to look into their own hearts to see the truth.


Cruelty and Mediocrity run rampant in society. People expend vast amounts of energy in order to secure and maintain the illusion of normality. People are afraid of that which appears to be different, and are so threatened by it that they often feel the need to destroy it in order to remain safe. The greatest irony yet is that vast numbers of people expend energy in the attempt to be "different" by copying the look or philosophy of a "group" deemed to be "different", and when someone within the group is truly himself and self-expressive, he is feared. Learn to look beyond appearances. Learn to seek the genuine article by seeking what is in your own heart, and save your time and money from being wasted on fads. Learn that the heart is the genuine article and that true expression comes only from the heart, and from being bold in self-expression. Cruelty and Mediocrity, things which are all of the same stamp are the structure of false society. Art and laughter are the great destroyers that will open the heart.


Jesus said, "When you strip naked without being ashamed, and take your garments and put them under your feet like little children and tread upon them, then you will see the child of the living. And you will not be afraid." -The Gospel of Thomas


In creation, there is always the destruction of something else to create something new. Death always precedes or coincides with creation - hence, the dead can dance. In comedy, there is always the mockery of something which once was feared. What was feared is thus shown to be smaller than those who laugh. Let our comedy focus on the mockery of the mediocre, cruel and cowardly puppets of the False God as they try to turn the planet into a parking lot for their gargantuan office building, wherein they believe they may feel more secure. They are the middle-managers or archons of the earth.


The False God and his pet Satan trick people with the promise of money, rationalism, individualism and freedom. The individual believes it is to his benefit and his responsibility to survive on his own, as a free individual with no responsibility to other human beings or to the planet. He soon finds himself wearing an ugly golf-shirt stamped with the corporate logo or Mark of the Beast of Burden, trapped in a cubicle, in an office building where no imagination exists, no love, no joy. He is placated with pieces of paper acknowledging his achievements, and titles of hierarchical status such as "middle manager" and through his own ignorance becomes one of the accursed Archons himself, like a jew in a concentration camp working for the nazis. He is tricked as his ego is puffed up, his insecurities are soothed and his cruelty increases as his imagination and happiness decrease.


The rational mind is easily fooled, without experimentation. Aristotle was Plato's failed student. We must learn to distill the truth, or separate truth from untruth, by experiment and by the apparatii of our hearts.


Evil is Holy. Why? It is better to do evil, and to experience it for oneself and to understand it than to avoid it and attempt to

glean it's wisdom vicariously. My path is crooked and unpredictable and by being lost, I will come to wisdom. Be kind to Evil, even when you cannot see that what is now lead, will become gold.


Even the Children of Clay, the denizens of the False God are also Holy. Why? Because even within them shines the Fire, albeit more dimly. When they can learn to clear away the clutter in their minds so that the road to the heart is made clear, their desire for Joy and Truth will increase, their misery and shallowness will decrease, and the Fire will shine more brightly within them. Cain will slay Abel as a sacrifice, thus to make him Holy.


He who is willing to give up his very life to liberate his fellows is truly liberated. He who is willing to give up his money and "security" to feed his fellows is truly secure and free. He who only attaches himself to love, and to the act of art or creation itself and not to it's end product, is truly happy. He who can recognize the Genuine Article rather than what sits in the store windows as the true value of life and liberty and genuine individuality and self-reliance, and balances it with True Society will not be fooled.


Lillith said to Adam "Why must I lie beneath you?" referring to the missionary position in sex. "I also was made from dust, and am therefore your equal." Lillith stood up for her own equality, and is therefore an altruist. History should remember her as a history's first heroine, but instead she is remembered as a demoness. All the symbols have been reversed by the followers of the False God, and in order to reach the truth we must now turn them aright.


The followers of Christianity, Islam and Judaism have fought many wars over religion, but their civilizations have one thing in common - the desire to make a statement which says "I am normal, part of society". The dullard "Christian" who rigidly adheres to literalist misinterpretations of scripture is only saying very loudly that he is saying nothing at all, and making sure that everyone damn well knows it. In this way, he may think he is indeed one of the greatest "christians" living on the planet, surely saved by God himself, whilst completely contradicting the true message and meaning of Jesus' words.


People will say things like "If Jesus knew how many people would be murdered in his name, maybe he wouldn't have said the things he said." which is like saying "If you knew how many people would be murdered in your name, you wouldn't go around speaking the truth and telling people that it is wrong to commit murder." The people who commit crimes in the name of Jesus were always going to commit those crimes anyway, whether Jesus said what he had to say, or not. Before Jesus walked the earth, the crimes were always committed in the names of other Gods. Do not blame him because his teachings fell into the wrong hands.


Satanism is ritualized tourrette's syndrome.


If the uninitiated are given the teachings only meant for the initiated, they will always debase and misinterpret them. They will turn them into cruel and cowardly creeds, in all times and places it has happened, and will happen again. They base their empty theologies on rationalism, sophistry and pure assumption - but they have never conducted the experiment which leads to true understanding. The truth will always remain concealed to them, even the truth in the scriptures which they repeat as a mantra in order to convince themselves that they truly believe in it.


The cowardly fear the name of Lucifer, and this is why we must use it. Others who have suffered at the hands of these cowards fear the name of Jesus, which is also why we use his teachings. It is precisely because it makes these people nervous that these things must be written in the way they are. All the symbols have been reversed by the followers of the False God, and in order to reach the truth we must now turn them aright.


Those who are the crippled children of the cruel and mediocre will always be angry at the symbols which to them represent the creed with which they were tormented. It was ever so, even with the creeds of the pagans (many of whom were just as brutal and ignorant). How can a man learn to recognize truth which is eternal if he cannot learn to give as much thought to the philosophy which had the misfortune of popularity among the profane, as he can to philosophy and theology which has been denigrated and cast aside as wicked or evil by mainstream society? History runs in cycles, and the cycles obscure the truth to the eyes of those who sleep. Socrates, Plato and Jesus were all bold, compassionate men of their day who had to fight the superstition and cruelty of the times in which they lived, just as we have to fight it today.


Some people who call themselves "Christians" refuse to celebrate certain holidays such as Halloween and even Christmas, stating that this is because they are pagan holidays. Forget about the goddamn holidays, the BIBLE ITSELF is filled with rewritten pagan stories, pagan magic, pagan concepts from the very beginning to the very end. From the story of Adam and Eve, to Noah & the Flood, to Jesus's miracles and his sacrifice as a God-King upon the Cross, these are all pagan ideas and stories. And yet through all the toil and spilt ink, this is nothing but a focus upon the outer or superficial aspects and behavior rather than on the inner and more meaningful substance of the Heart. So much time is wasted because people simply refuse to accept that there isn't a single book that will provide all the answers to salvation so that they don't have to do the work themselves.


Ayn Rand, and the objectivists say that they believe that Greed is Good. They actively disbelieve in Christianity, Islam and any God but the "self" (he sayeth with much doubt). When they came up with these ideas, they probably believed that they were being original - but in reality they have missed the boat! In taking the words of Jesus and the wise, the Common Man long ago perfected the method which objectivists claim to believe in. Furthermore, the Priest of the Common Christian has been more successful at it than the objectivists or Rand who speak too loudly of what they are doing, could ever hope to do. Notwithstanding, the Objectivists and Rand who are self-styled atheists actually worship the same God as the Common Christian, which is why they tend to agree more often than not in matters of politics and money.


"Christians" protest and have book burnings when they find a book which has pagan elements, but you don't see them burning their bibles just because they contain pagan stories. They have no comprehension of the true meaning of the words written therein.


In Matthew 13 it says that the apostles asked Jesus "Why speakest thou unto them in parables?" to which he replied: "Because it is given unto you to know the Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore they see, seeing not, and hearing, they hear not, neither do they understand lest at any time they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears and should understand with their heart and should be converted, and I should heal them." If the true meanings of Jesus' words had been preserved and handed down to the present day, then the Aristotelian catastrophe of the last 2000 years might have been averted. Do you really believe that the Common Christian understands Jesus' words?


Heathens who rebel against Christianity condemn Jesus and everything written in the bible because a misapplication of these ideas was used to justify criminal acts, but you don't see them condemning atheism because of Communism, or Roman Mythology for the crimes of Caesar. People have to learn how to be moderate and to think for themselves, and there is no way out of this, and no way you can blame any single religion or creed for any crimes.


Some people experience crimes at the hand of someone whose skin is a different color than theirs. Then they go on to be racists, because they think, because of their experience, that everyone who looks like that perpetrator they knew is more likely to be a perpetrator. To most people, this appears on the surface to be easier than looking at the world with curiousity and openness.


Philosophy as it exists in the universities today, is not philosophy at all. True philosophy is the creation of organized systems whereby a direct experience may be mapped out for easier reference. "the Map is not the Territory, the Menu is not the Meal." Admit to all that you do not know, and just use what works best for the time being, until something better comes along.


A person who declares their belief to be only in what they call "science" is a pseudo-skeptic, and his dogma is materialism and atheism. These may generally divided further into two categories of economic ideology: the Communist, whose belief is that an apocalyptic revolution as in the Revelation of John is approaching and inevitable where the wealthy will be overthrown and all property will be owned collectively. The other group includes the Neoliberal, Libertarian, Laissez-Faire Capitalist and the Objectivist who believe absolutely that freedom is absolute, and claims to believe in an economic darwinism or survival of the fittest, even though their policy in action shows just the opposite. Neither of these two groups can conceive of the more difficult and realistic road of moderate and active utility which has the ability to change and adapt itself as needed. Both of these groups may claim to be atheists and materialists, and indeed they may be as they have faith in the non-existence of God, but they are every bit as fundamentalist as the Southern Baptist Convention, or the Shi'a clerics who rule Iran with an iron fist. Even if they claim otherwise, they have both fallen prey to the seductive simplicity of a blind faith in Natural Law, naively looking at the world through rose-colored glasses. They have thus lost the ability to see the shades of grey, let alone the many colors which exist in the real world. This type of self-inflicted color-blindness is the inherited tendency of the human being, throughout every age and every philosophical or political fad that has ever passed before the eyes of history.


People usually get their news from a source which already holds the opinion that they do.


People watch the news and worry so much about crime, murder, death, destruction. They see these things on the news and begin to believe (if not hope) that the end is near. They say things like "it's getting so bad THESE DAYS" and "the world is such a dangerous place NOW". When three-fourths of the population of Europe had been wiped out by the plague, people also believed that Jesus would be returning within a matter of months. FBI statistics have shown time and time again that per-capita crime in the USA has gone DOWN over the last few decades, not up. And this is true in spite of the fact that crimes are now reported with greater frequency and accuracy.


Some people choose to drink from a certain cup. Other people choose not to drink from that cup. Others still choose not only to drink from that cup, but to prevent others from doing so. My lips shall taste of every cup, and he who stands in my way be damned.


There is a temple, and some people choose to enter into that temple. Some people stand outside that temple, refusing to enter into the temple, and preventing others from doing the same.


Curiousity is among the greatest of virtues, for by it, people learn to love that which is foreign to their experience. By learning to love that which is foreign to their experience, they gain a broader understanding and peace and friendship are made between individuals who may appear very different on the outside. Is it any coincidence that racists and superstitious people usually lack curiousity altogether? Their societies become insular, incapable of growth or evolution and crippled with fear of the unknown.


Some Models are beautiful and, they are my whores and I have many in my harem. I buy them cheaply and love them for a time, until I find a newer and better model to come along. Never fall in love with a Model and believe that she is Truth.


That which appears to be Good on the outside may be very evil, and that which appears to be Evil on the outside may be very Good

indeed. Not all is what it seems, and if we make it too plain and obvious, then people may never learn to really see with the heart.


Those who wear Peace and Love on their shoulder like a badge may indeed be the most filled with fear and hate, and those who are very angry may indeed be the most filled with love. Learn to recognize the Genuine Article, and separate it from the False.




WWJD? What Would Jesus Do? Answer: he wouldn't advertise his mediocrity on a five-dollar bumper sticker.


Azazel disobeyed "God" and lead the watchers down to earth so they could mate with the Daughters of Men. This action bred disobedience, freedom of thought, creativity, originality, and these offspring were feared.


The Ancient Egyptians recognized the Creator of All who is the First God. Plato and Pythagoras were initiated and trained by the Egyptians, Pythagoras also by the Persians. These philosophers also recognized the First God for who he is. The Hebrews tried with half-success to copy these lovers of wisdom by adapting their native Semitic mythologies to Philosophy and becoming monotheist. They attempted to save their Semitic customs and unite them with this philosophy, by continuing to worship an archon or demon, feeding him with blood sacrifices and incorrectly declaring him to be the First God. The result is two and a half milennia of confusion; however, Judaism, Christianity and Islam all have some degree of truth held within them, but it is not available to the eyes of the profane.


The Egyptians, Hindus, Greek Philosophers, Yoruban and Fon of West Africa and the peoples of the Kongo, the native tribes of America all recognized that there is One Creator, no matter how many Gods they acknowledged or even worshipped. The Hebrews who wrote the Bible acknowledge in this book that there are many Gods, or "Elohim" and that Men are Gods, and even the Angels are Gods, but that there is one who is the First Cause. Is there a difference? True Polytheism, free of superstition is in every meaningful way, is identical to true Monotheism, also freed from superstition.


Psalms 82, John 10... the common christian will read these two verses again and again, and refuse to accept the meaning of them which is clear as day.


The Fon, Yoruban and Kongo tribes of West Africa, the tribes of the Americas, and the Jews all gave or give blood sacrifices to lesser spirits. The former recognized that these were lesser spirits, while the Jews believed that they were giving this blood sacrifice to the Creator. The former groups recognize that the Creator or First Cause requires no such sacrifice. Those who believe that the Creator requires a blood sacrifice have been tricked by a lesser spirit.


The instincts of people like the Gnostics were correct, in that they recognized that there were actually two distinct Gods who had been confounded with one another. They were wrong, however, in asserting that this False God was a Demiurgos who created the physical world. In reality, he was created by mankind who is Divine, and should thus be made to serve mankind. Let he, and his slave, Satan, serve as a mythical metaphor for all which is ignorant, cruel and base. Let them be our metaphorical Beasts of Burden.


The cowards will always be afraid of this book because it is said to be the Aphorisms of Lucifer, who they incorrectly believe to be both Satan and the Devil, of whom they are afraid. Thus, this book will be protected from them. So we say to you, mortal men who worship a mortal God or mortal Gods: I require neither your understanding nor your approval for what I say and do. Look away, for what is contained herein is not meant for you.


Jesus, and the Gospels did not speak of the Hell that the Churches speak of. Jesus spoke of a Lake of Fire, a garbage dump on the outside of Jerusalem, and the Gospels speak of Hades where Jesus descended after being crucified which is the underworld or place

of the dead where even the saints themselves reside. The Lake of Fire is not this Hades. The Churches speak of a different Hades or Hell - the one which they invented and the one in which they live. Cowardly people will always cling to the false security what the churches tell them, no matter how many times it is shown that Jesus and the Gospels spoke of no such place of suffering and damnation. All the symbols have been reversed by the followers of the False God, and in order to reach the truth we must now turn them aright.


The Common Man can take a verse out of his Holy Scriptures, of whatever creed or faith he belongs to and even if it is translated out of the original language it was written in with perfect correctness, this common man may read this scripture twenty, thirty or even one-hundred times and still interpret it wrongly. This man will still believe that what his church tells him it says, is indeed what it says. If his Church or Sect tells him the Sky is Green, he will believe it even if it is plain to see that the sky is not green but blue. You may as well forget about the possibility of this Common Man even having half a chance of finding even the most obvious meaning of words, let alone the deeper meanings.


The Common Christian loves his enemy, just as Jesus taught. He loves his enemy so much, that he devised a pit of fire and torment and damnation for all of those who, for better or worse, don't happen to agree with his creed. He is in love with that pit, just as he loves the Apocalypse. So in love that when you prove to him that the scriptures do not speak of any such place, he will cling to his belief in such a place. They wear love and kindness on their sleeve, their hearts are black and their mouths spew forth venom.


People wrongly assume that the disciples of Jesus were as cowardly as they are. We can see this by their actions or lack thereof.


Just as you must clear away bits of stone with a chisel, to find the sculpture hidden within, Art and All Arts are the Great Destroyer. To clear the path to the heart and learn to recognize the Genuine Article, much clutter must be removed.


Some people refuse to face the pain inside themselves, and refuse to acknowledge their own faults. They turn away from their own hearts, away from God, and turn away from life. They become beacons of hopelessness, transmitting their misery to others. Even if they were criminals of the lowest kind, reviled by society and forced to live in prison and face their sins with honesty, it would be a better fate than the one they have chosen for themselves. They are their own jailors.


All of these incarnations and lifetimes of which I speak, are lifetimes which I myself have experienced in the first person, in this lifetime. Therefore, as angry as I am, I condemn no-one however much they may condemn themselves.


Any emotion or passion that you try to remove from your being in any way other than full expression in some way is like cutting off a limb. "Negative" emotions like anger, fear, etc. are all just as real and just as valid as "positive" such as love. When you try to cut yourself off from these emotions, they will always come back to haunt you, only when they do you will not realize they are there and they will be out of your control.


The reader who reads these sayings will find in them, his own reflection. An artist who works and toils on a sculpture is actually working on himself. Any work of art, where the act of the work transcends the physical object which it's life force inhabits, becomes a work of magic.


Christianity, without the Mass, is like the Louvre without the Mona Lisa.


When one has a clear path to the heart, then they may appreciate Beauty in it's purest form. When you have a sorrow or suffering in life, when something makes you sad, or angry, or otherwise in pain express that pain, anger or sorrow in any way you can by crying, talking or any other means. If it is expressed in an art, then the pain may be slain, and then be allowed to rise again, transformed and transubstantiated into Beauty.


Who is the first and greatest of all artists? Who is the living and infinite Beauty itself? How I long to be near you night and day!

Let us be as lovers for all eternity!


When grapes are crushed under the feet of virgins, juice pours forth which the yeast converts into wine. When yeast is added to dough made of grain and baked in an oven, it rises as fresh delicious bread. Look at your faults, and don't be afraid that you cannot be changed into something sublime and worthwhile by changing your faults into assets. Within every demon is the potential to be angelic.


All that I can give you, is my honest truth, from the heart. Every other word I have written in this Book may be summarized by this one sentence which you will probably take for granted.


Love and Hate are mere millimeters apart. They are indeed aspects of the same thing.


Even within Darkness, the light shineth. How do we know? Because Darkness is the relative absence of light, and thus, it is actually a different or lesser DEGREE of light. Thus, all opposites are merely differering degrees of the same thing. Even in a vacuum, something always exists.


It is better to work magic to curse someone than to grant them a false blessing which is not from the heart. For in cursing someone, literally and effectively, you may indeed be blessing themselves and yourself in a way which is unexpected. By giving them empty blessings you may likewise, be cursing them. If you don't believe me, then by all means, try it.


Call me a Saint or call me a Demon, I don't give a damn what you say about me.


On the subject of witchcraft, people often wonder if it is Good or Evil. Some magicians pretend that they are white, or Good in order that christian society will not consider them or their chosen way of life to be a threat. Others like to pretend, and make a fashion statement by saying that they are Dark or Evil, so that people will take them seriously and be afraid of them (especially their parents), and so that they can say that the white light people aren't for real because they haven't embraced the power of darkness. Neither of these two groups can possibly have ever succeeded, because they are focused too much on the outer appearance of what they are doing, rather than the inner work.


The answer to all questions of Good and Evil is that all witchcraft comes from the Heart and from the individual's own Cunning Fire. If the Heart is good, then so is the witchcraft or magic. If the road to the heart is clear, then divine illumination and magic will surely follow. It is literally impossible to gain real power without clearing the path to the heart. When you focus too much on "Good" and "Evil" which are mere fashion statements you forget the necessity of the heart, and you will never succeed. No-one may ever recieve a power that is not given to him by The Divine Artist. And the passions that man is given, good or ill, are his power.


The real and true practitioner of the Art of Arts, the Art of the Magi is he whose body and blood are transubstantiated into the living Magic itself. Do not confuse the Genuine Article for the False and expensive which shows itself off.


The False advertises itself, and uses marketing to achieve it's popularity where quality is not convenient. It propagates itself throughout this world like a plague of mediocrity and false confidence. The Genuine Article is only concerned with itself and it's own workings and may be harder to find until one is aligned with their own truth. Learn to look beyond the surface of things and you will naturally attract what you need most in life.


Some people believe that an idea appeals to them on a personal level, that this makes it true. They forget or try to forget that the truth is not always what we wish it to be. Even though this is true, sometimes the truth when it is experienced directly is better than that which we wished for originally, but the way to get there is a hard route which requires disciplined thought which most people cannot tolerate.


At every turn, man is seized with nine opportunities to do the wrong thing, and one opportunity to do the right thing. This is what keeps his attention span so short, and keeps him asleep and the Road to the Heart remains blocked throughout lifetimes.


For the greatest among us, every infirmity of the body and mind, every disease and madness and malformity, every suffering and pain and burden is transsubstantiated into such a wine, so delicious and sweet and rare! The Elixir of Immortal Life, the Stone of the Wise are made from the basest and vilest of poisons. As Odhinn suffered on the World Tree, so will you suffer to attain wisdom.


Once upon a time, a man saw a beautiful woman, and instantly fell in love with her. She spoke words that made him feel good about himself, and for a short time he truly believed that she saw the world exactly as he did, and that they were of the same mind and soul. He ignored every sign of warning, because he wanted so badly to believe and because he saw something of himself in her, and even in her ignorance. When the man finally realized the truth in his own heart, he lost interest in her. That man was me.


Love is a cup filled with wine. If the love is real, if the love is going to last, then the wine in the cup will be transsubstantiated into blood.


Whenever a group or sect becomes too convinced of their own greatness, they begin to stagnate and develop an orthodoxy no matter how seemingly unorthodox they are at first. Curiousity and all chances for growth die with it. For some people, this is actually an objective.


I just enjoy being contrary. It's a fact.


This year's mission for pop music, television and pop culture: "To Boldly go where Everyone has Already Gone Before!"


BOOM... CHICKA BOOM BOOM BOOM... CHICKA BOOM BOOM BOOM.... Chorus: "I am the greatest in all the land, everybody look at me, all the chicks dig me the most!" "yeah, yeah, uhuh uhuh" BOOM... Chicka boom boom boom... chicka... repeat chorus...




When I think of all the evil that is done in this world because of money, I want to burn every bill that I own, and melt every coin down.


The poor of this world are hated and despised for being poor. When a crime is committed, the world despises not the perpetrator but the victim. The world wishes to put the blame upon all of the victims, because it seems easier to blame the victim for his troubles than it is to create and enforce a law that would ultimately benefit everyone, even them. They preach the gospel of False Individualism whereby men learn to fear the State, which may be a legitimate fear, and then fall into false confidence with the corporate empire, who immediately snaps his individuality and imagination out of his hands before he knows what happens. His arse is tatooed with the Mark of the Beast of Burden, the Corporate Logo, and he is soul is sold down the river before he has time to ever even know that he once had a soul.


True Freedom is the result of True Individualism conjoined and balanced with True Society. The unspoken truth of Democracy as an ideal is that those who would not otherwise be strong, band together for the common good to prevent a vacuum of power. Nature abhors a vacuum, and where this vacuum exists, a vaccum not for long.


People fear the State, they fight the State with words of anger spoken from the pulpit of their Lazy-Boy recliners and become so apathetic and hypocritical that they will refuse to get involved or try to improve the State or come up with a better way of doing things. In this way, they play into their captors' hands, creating a vacuum of power by degrees, so that those who wish to enslave others and stamp everything with their logo can fill this void, little by little. Their racism, their hatred of the poor and the victims of the world, their love of the appearance of strength and power, fear of the unknown, superstition and even religion are used against them at every turn. They will be worked, whipped and beaten down and robbed of their souls and they will love every minute of it and ask for more.


Being an "Individual" and hating the government is always in fashion.


Some individuals who are members of groups that have historically been victimized, will use or abuse their status as victims to gain more pity than they deserve. They abuse history to cultivate guilt so that they can create a bubble where they cannot be touched, or accused of any crime. The Common Man who is a slave of the False God looks at this behaviour, and becomes enraged (and rightly so), but then he uses the misdeeds of a few as an excuse for his racism and his own disgusting and cowardly beliefs and instead of banding together with others to prevent their common slavery, he puffs himself up with the seductive illusions of false individualism. Both the one playing the victim, and he who uses these misdeeds to justify his own stupidity are in every way identical.


This is just like the game that religions play. They play roles of persecuted and persecutor, and any truth that may be hidden is obscured to those who are engaged in this game of leapfrog. The truth still hasn't changed.


Moderacy and Realism are often the hardest paths to choose, because they are the least appealing on the outside.


Ultimately, the Common Man is so lazy and stupid that he will always believe whatever he wishes to believe, regardless of whether it is the truth, or whether it is what's best for him. It takes too much effort, energy and curiousity to try and be objective and fair. He wants the world to be as simple and stupid as he is, for anything else would be incomprehensible to him; and so he creates his own paradigm of paranoia and sadism and is too cowardly to take action. He lives on and on, like the undead, trapped in his self-made prison of the mind.


The Taleban in Afghanistan destroyed art, banned music, treated women as property and killed anyone who disagreed with them. We, also, have our Taleban. And as hard as they try, and as much influence as they gain over society they have never been allowed to blot out the light, thanks to those freemasons and Illuminati who designed this republic, whom we call "founding fathers". United We Stand.


People love the idea of Natural Law, and invent so-called "Natural Laws". They love them because of their simplicity and ease of use by the mind, becoming lazy and believing that "freedom" can be an absolute. They forget that in order to have freedom, *absolute* freedom cannot exist as they must live in a society with others. These Man-Made "Natural Laws" are a type of fundamentalism, which is another way to make thinking easy for those who can't handle too much. The practical laws of the land thus become encrusted with superstition while utility and practicality are lost. This is typical of Aristotelian logic and fundamentalism in action, rather than modelling by experimentation.


Trying to say that one law can be universally applied in all places and times is like saying that a screwdriver can also do the job of a hammer, a wrench and a pair of needlenose pliers.


Even the writings of the founding fathers are not infallible, as easy and seductive as it often is for people to believe it so. The Constitution and the Flag then become as curious items in the reliquary of superstition, their original purpose, once again, lost.


The longer you bear the Mark of the Beast of Burden, being a slave of the False God and False Gods, the more your originality, the imagination of your youth, your vitality, your sexuality and desire for Joy and Love will decrease. They will decrease until they are nothing but a faded memory.


Some people never had that much to lose.


The False God convinces people to castrate themselves with their bare hands and they happily agree, performing this act with a broad smile on their faces. They then go on to murder their brothers and sisters. Divided We Fall.


But all will be destroyed, consumed by this flame of Love. This flame burns more brightly than the Morning Star, nay, more brightly than the Sun. This light burns too gloriously down upon my face and my eyes and upon my body so as to burn my body and to blind me, and annihilate all that I believe I am, absorbing all that I am in the Great and Eternal Ecstacy of Love. Art is the great Destroyer, and when all this clutter is gone, the Road to the Heart shall be made clear and we shall be together my love!


I surrender myself, all my fears and desires and beliefs and hopes and dreams to you, my Beloved! I will bring you gifts, speak words of love to bring you to me. I will knock first but gently on your door, and then I will beat upon the door loudly, and I will continue to knock until you let me in! How much longer will it be, my Love? How much longer must we be apart? Come 'round, for I will be here waiting.


AT LONG LAST! The cold and frozen winter breaks, and the first blossoms of spring appear! Enough of these games! You know, as you have always known, that you and I were meant to be together for Eternity!


The Golden Age is coming once again upon this earth! This blessed Earth, this black and holy soil! Together we shall make it fertile, and the banks of the Nile shall produce a great harvest!


The summer heat is so intense! The rhythm moves my body, possessing and riding me like an animal. I belong to you forever, my Dove! To you I surrender all, for just one kiss. The veils between all the worlds are incinerated in one instant of ecstacy, stretching througout eternity!


There is a man who lives in the woods, he is a Man among Men, and one of the Men of Renown. He is the Son of the First and Greatest of All Artists, and a Master of All Arts. He is the Master of the Arte of Artes, for he is the Devil, and all women desire his touch and his kiss. Come, and run to him with wild abandon. Eat the Apple off the Tree of Knowledge, and the Serpeant will liberate your soul. The weak of heart and mind are not his kin.


To become a God, your ancestors and all your previous incarnations must live on inside your flesh today, and you must become as the animals who were your predecessors as well as your ancestors.


Animals, plants, living things that live and grow and walk upon the earth - Evolution is Art in Motion, where art meets necessity to create the greatest beauty, which is beauty in motion. Each living thing is precious and Holy. Each is an Angel which has fallen to earth, hidden within a form of clay. The grace of a Cat is the Grace of God.


A thing can be settled quickly and easily through self-discipline and honesty, or it can take many lifetimes of suffering and evasion to work itself out, in which case you still come to the same conclusion. The choice is up to you.


Is it any wonder that the cruel and mediocre children of the False God have a nasty habit of holding book burnings and destroying art they consider blasphemous or scandalous?


True Genius is not the result of hoarding vast piles of knowledge from books, or even prodigious technical skill in any given Art or Science. True Genius is the combined result of a bold and original imagination combined with a clear and open heart that wishes to express itself in whatever media may be available. Technical skill in a media may help.


Music is the universal language which holds the key to interpreting all others. Each language created by human beings is like a musical instrument in it's own right.


"As to the evil which results from censorship, it is impossible to measure it because it is impossible to tell where it ends."

-Jeremy Bentham


A schoolteacher, a farmer or farm laborer, a factory worker are all of greater worth than the most successful stock broker on Wall Street. The three former professions are doing the work of the latter and his trade in pieces of paper, and they deserve more. Society doesn't see it that way, for society gives the greater reward to those who accomplish the least and advertise themselves the most, and they call this artificially created system "survival of the fittest". Nothing but a pack of lies that is upheld by a system which ascribes the value of human life to worthless pieces of paper, and tricks the masses into believing this falsehood to be truth. Let's see how long this economy of paper and electronic credits survives without real food, reading writing and arithmetic and real work.


If you don't like paying taxes, burn your money. The government printed your money which has no actual value other than that which they ascribe to it, so obviously it must belong to them. If you truly believed in the power of the individual over collectivism and all this terrible socialism that our government is infected with, as you claim, and, after paying your taxes find yourself unsatisfied or angry at what your so-called "hard earned dollars" are being used for, then you would stop whining about it and work for yourself instead of others. You would also happily agree to stop using the money that the government prints altogether. That, is the real Free Market. Where people have the Freedom to use or not use the money that the government prints. If it's the only form of currency that the stores will accept, don't blame the government, blame the stores!


Or, you could try paying for your next car with 5,000 chickens, each worth approximately four dollars each. I dare you!


People are forgetful of history. People forget that before we had a republic with democratic ideals, there was monarchy and feudalism. What they erroneously call a "free market" is actually feudalism. How can a market be free when a few individuals have it rigged to their advantage, and the False Individualists scream bloody murder when anyone tries to limit the power that their masters have over them? They call this survival of the fittest, but it is no more so than a system where the Lord of the Manor tricks his serfs into accepting his leadership and ownership of the land on which they must work. The only other option is that if the serfs become shrewd enough, they will band together and overthrow the Lord and the feudal system altogether, which leads us back again to Democracy, and taxes, showing their inevitability as inevitable as death itself. Study your history and save yourself some time.


Men like to proclaim "I believe in the power of the individual! I am a God! I have free will!" but in the end, the color of their hair and eyes, their height and the time when they will die are all to some extent written in their genes. In the end they are just as dead. Some people also choose to live in such a way that will make them live longer. Any argument between Determinism and Free Will is impossible, because both ideas are of equal merit, and therefore, futile. One cannot gain the upper hand over the other, but the idea of Free Will often has a more romantic appeal to most people.


Perhaps some people believe that having the freedom to choose between Coke or Pepsi, Budweier, Coors or Miller is what defines them as True Individuals.


If you really want to become this Great Individual or God as you often claim, then build your own house, work the black earth in your own hands and grow your own food, raise your own livestock, or just get off your arse and create something of your own so that you actually know what it feels like, for once, to do so. And remember: The more open the Road to the Heart, the easier it is to create, and more enjoyable and the more you will understand the Mystery.


Modern self-styled "witches" also believe in the Power of the Individual, or so they claim, which is why so many of them resent group structure, authority and ritual itself, imagining that they will become Masters of the Universe by sitting in their bedrooms and reading books, and imagining themselves Divine. And so, many of them have never created anything even once in their lives. This protestant "witchcraft" is also just like the Louvre without the Mona Lisa. No one will ever become a God without understanding the true meaning of Work.


A person cannot become a "witch" or a "magician" simply by reading a book and deciding he is one, any more than a Christian can attain Gnosis or even salvation from death and fate simply by deciding that he believes Jesus to be the Messiah because he read a book which people told him was the infallible word of God. These are all pretenses.


How can anyone become a better man by closing himself off to the world and society? For some, life itself is too much work.


Jesus said: "It is easier for a camel to enter through the eye of the needle than for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven." And now the world is full of men who call themselves christians, and hoard vast amounts of money and hate and despise the poor and those who have less than they do, some of which have done more real work in one week than they have in a lifetime. Maybe I converse with Fallen Angels and the Devil, who are not what the Common Christian says they are anyway, but which God do they worship? Even a mobster or criminal is more honest than they are, and so therefore, not quite as evil. At least a common thief is honest with himself about what he is doing.


It is better for a man if you murder him once, than if you stab him in the back repeatedly.


Society puts your conscience to sleep by telling you that your cowardice, greed, mediocrity, and inhumanity is "normal" because everyone else is doing it, and because the results are usually outside of your immediate field of vision. Society then offers you cheap gadgets and trinkets as a reward for your compliance.


Some people ask "How is it that a Satanist can worship Satan, or even use him as a symbol when he is obviously the Evil from Christianity, without believing in or inadvertantly giving credit to Christianity itself?". I go so far as to say that in truth, a Satanist and the Common Christian worship the Exact Same God.


The Tarot card known as the Hanged Man has the same meaning as the story of the Fall of the Watchers who taught mankind this

Holy Black Art.





You are the hidden intelligence, the unseen hand that leads to the best possible path if we listen. You are old, as ancient as the universe and help us to gain discipline. You are moderate, not absolute or extreme, and beyond what we believe is most rational. You are beauty, and you lead us towards the parts of ourselves from which we may gain the most satisfaction. You are the child within us, but you also lead us to reality. You are simple, yet you are infinitely practical. You tell us what we need to hear most, even what we want to hear because it is from ourselves and our own desires, but perhaps at first it seems like what we don't want to hear. You are the ancient one, invisible, beautiful and real. You liberate us from all dogma, superstition and the evils of the world and society, yet you are not harsh. You are like a kind and honest mother who has seen everything that has passed before all of history. Those who listen to your voice find happiness and balance, and those who turn their heads away find failure time and time again. When we strip ourselves bare of all of our self-made fantasies, lies and pretenses, what we find, is you.




Copyright 2004. Stephan Mulholland.




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