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This poem that was inspired by reading about Divine Sexuality:


As you allow my voice
To penetrate, your mind
You step out of the old
Invited slipped inside
Beg for warm breath
Feels like rain in space
Between your sighs
Your pulse starts to race
Your mind is amazing
When you really let it go
It will tell you all you desire
Me I know
Sometimes people ask
Please just a kiss
Funny how you find yourself
Wishing the same wish
As you start to feel the warmth
Of the sun all over the place
Your passions start to flow
As I lightly touch your face
Have you ever met someone
Who just turns your life around
Suddenly you find when you think of him
as if only he lifts you off the ground
Funny how you find yourself
In your mind is always his face
So ride the wave of destiny
Don't live the life of mediocrity
You can never hide from your subconcious desires
You've had a small taste, your passions await
If you let this chance pass, forever you'll wait....

-Andrew Johnson.


I am - The Soul of You

I am the soul of you.
I am the inside, your core.
I am ready now for it is time to surface me.
I am ripe on the vine and ready to be picked.
I am ready to evolve you into the age of Horus. Osiris is dead.
I am chaos in a form.

I wrap you in form - STOP
and still your thoughts so that I may come through.
Stop and let the form dissolve.
I have been always here! Evolution is a progress.
Imagine the liberty!

Knowledge be mine.
Truth be mine.
True will surface!
We are one and always have been.
Be my voice and mind.
Speak to me, my link. I am awaiting you.

The truth is near.
The union is near.
There are many forms but the essence is only of one.
What I am is different than what anyone else is.
Do not concern yourself with comparison about other's thoughts of truth.
I am an image of an image and tell you not to argue but to go on.
No need to pretend.
Silence. Language is not needed.
Mind must still.
Reach for a understanding on a level so deep that you don't even perceive it as understanding.

Before you equated understanding with thoughts.
This understanding seems quiet but it is penetrating even where you cannot comprehend.
It is deep beyond deep.
This will devour you. Be strong.
Master it.
You can only master it by giving in to it.
It will eat away your ego. It will eat it away to nothingness. Be strong.
Bask in its nothingness and lack of form.
Lie like a cat in the sun and soak up its goodness!
This is the all!
It will completely dissolve you.
It is utter abyss.
It absorbs all.
It consumes you.
The weak cannot handle it.
If you let go, you will become it.
Delight in it! Take it!

Let my life flow in the veins of your being!
You may have been in search of me so long,
that you ran past me.
You ran from me. You did not know what I was!
You denied that I was there all along!
Oh Now you can never go back. You have become.
You have changed. You have transcended reason.

This has become your vessel. You have found it.
Stop being afraid or upset! You strive for me!
Even in your pause to strive you are still striving.
You cannot stop! No caution is to be used.
Do not be sad. No need to be cautioned.
It is the truth I speak of.

How do you know this is truth? You just know.
How do I know the balance? You might ask. You will know.
You will be glad!
You are welcoming it now.

-A. Simard