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Kabalistic Musings
A Problem with Hexagrams
Eliphas Levi's Pentagram
Ritual to Hathor
Sai Baba and the Perrenialist Philosophy
Divine Sex - The Yoni and The Lingham
The "Image" of Woman in India; Female Gurus and Politicians
The Origin of Candlemas and Imbolc
Aphorisms of Truth
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Divine Sexuality; Tracing the Progression of the Lingham and Yoni throughout the History of Hinduism

Sai Baba and the Perrenialist Philosophy

The "Image" of Hindu Women and Feminine in Media, Religion, and Politics

A Critical Look at the Pentagram of Eliphas Levi

Kabalistic Musings on the 5 Parts of the Soul 777

This is a Ritual I constructed for the Invocation of Hathor

The Origins of the Festival of Imbolc

The Aphorisms of Lucifer - Poetic Revelation of Truth